After three successful Magical Castle Events in 2018 and 2019, we are organizing another two-day event in 2022. Magical Castle Event is a magical event. Not a day, but a whole weekend! Step into the magical world and meet the wizards. Take a ride on the broomstick rodeo and see who wins the race and stays on it the longest! Discover the Quidditch sport and much more! Not just Harry Potter but also Star Wars and other fandoms.

Meet the actors! Have your picture taken and buy an autograph! Listen to the Q&A and have your question answered.

Walk past the exhibitors and see if the wand chooses you!

Create your own magic wand, potion or learn to play Quidditch. Get on the broomstick rodeo or have your picture taken at one of the photo moments.

Enjoy, experience and meet!

Entrance Tickets:

Special Guests: